KITYEE is a modern, diverse, British brand that currently specialises in a simple range of false lashes for everyone.

Founded by a professional Make-up Artist, KITYEE was created after years of continuous demand from clients

asking for a variety of higher quality lashes that would fit comfortably (even for day to day wear), and have styles to compliment all eye shapes, but most importantly mimic the look of eyelash extensions.

 KITYEE lashes will compliment and define different eye shapes instantly, without the need to adjust with mascara or eyelash curlers. Expect light and fluffy, to ultra volume, length and curl. 

These lashes are perfect to enhancing your natural lashes and completing any makeup look.

 A luxury and flexible cotton band will also help ensure comfort and a lightweight feel.


Disclaimer: Each pair of KITYEE lashes are individually hand made, please be mindful of any slight differences.